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We are supporting / Nous les soutenons 


Suppliers & Sponsors / Fournisseurs & Sponsors 

Without whom the festival would not be the same… Tayronalife (for their mats), Kor Water & Powertec for their eco water bottles, the Yoga Journal France for their support, Pure Altitude for their beautiful eco cosmetic products, La Vie Claire in Séez for their help & support with our Bistro, Collection Bonheur for their beautiful tisanes & Pure Experience for their help & support

13907100_928154750648549_3551417565375682978_n          11205579_888362887909301_1809400164937340255_n    Yoga Journal

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Partners / Partenaires

  logo PURE EXPERIENCE transparent copy   Pure Experience
 Radio Val
 Le_tigre_logo copy

******** Media Partners / Partenaires media ********   Esprit Yoga



Festival Partners / Partenaires Festivals

Our sister festivals because together we are stronger…..

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A beautiful reflection of mountain prana with tones & touches of Val d’Isère but with the beautiful summer energy & Chamonix vibe

Resort Partners / Partenaires station 

 Cave Sur Comptoir
Fabulous Wine Bar
head-logo copy
For all your taxis needs
THE ARCTIC CAFÉ will be offering a Pop-up Arctic Café during the festival
For healthy food – gluten free cakes & vegan offerings!


For the loan of their lounge bar & support in our altitude yoga sessions

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